Yonkers-Partial Structural Collapse-12/31/07



Date: 12/31/07
Time: 1115
Location: 70 Ashburton Av (corner of Ashburton and Locust Hill Av's...opposite Regency Extended Care)
Frequency: YPD 1&2, YFD Tones/Ops, DPW
Units Operating: YFD: E309, TL71, Rescue 1, Batt 1; YPD: 900, Car 9 (4pct C/O), 500, 410, 412, 401, 402, 404, 405, 406, 304, 101, Traffic 1,2,3,4, and Foot-posts 41+42; DPW Buildings and Housing
Description Of Incident: Bricks falling from the facade. Building is deemed hazardous.
Writer: Oswegowind

1115 - 911 call indicates bricks falling from the facade, building being evacuated.

1122 - B1 reports a brick veneer wall buckling at the site.

1125 - Surrounding roadways closed to foot and vehicular traffic.

Building is in need of repair. This facility houses various clinics for drug addicts and persons with psychological disorders...

On 1/1/08 911 received additional call from homeowner of neighboring property who felt building's condition had worsened. Same YFD assignment and PD 410/401 car responded and re-evaluated the condition and deemed there had been no changes.



JuniorBuff88 said:
Yonkers building evacuated after facade bulges

(Original publication: January 1, 2008)

YONKERS - A bulging wall in danger of collapsing from the face of a multistory building onto Ashburton Avenue yesterday was set to be taken down last night, city officials said.

The building, at 70 Ashburton Ave., was evacuated and nearby streets closed after a bulge in its facade was spotted in the east wall at 11:13 a.m., police Capt. Michael Murphy said.

The shifting facade jolted workers inside the building, leading some to worry that the area had been hit by an earthquake.

"I was sitting talking to another employee, and it felt like someone had nudged my chair. Then she said the file cabinet moved and hit her leg," said Shamel Byrd, a guardianship accountant for the Family Service Society of Yonkers, one of several nonprofit organizations in the building.

After the incident, Byrd said, she saw cracks in office walls.

Byrd said her fellow workers had complained previously about conditions in the building, including a nonworking elevator and leaks in the ceilings.

David Simpson, a spokesman for Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, said preliminary evidence pointed to water damage to the building, possibly leaks that rusted structural elements that tied the building's masonry facade to its steel frame.

The building is owned by Jay Knopf of 1138 E. 28th St., Brooklyn, said Yonkers Deputy Building Commissioner William Schneider.

Along with removing the facade, city officials were concerned about a large rooftop air conditioner, which they planned to shore up last night.

"They seem confident that the building will stand up and not have any other damage," Simpson said.

Ashburton Avenue was at least partially closed from North Broadway to Locust Hill Avenue due to the building's structural problems. Locust Hill Avenue was closed from Lafayette Place to Ashburton Avenue.