5/17/24 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 2617

Feb 27, 2015
FROM THE UFA...Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York
On Friday, Firefighters in the Bronx responded to a 2-alarm house fire in the Clason Point section around 3 pm. One of the Firefighters was inside the house operating a hose when he began having problems breathing. He collapsed and was pulled from the building by other first responders, who put him on a sidewalk and started CPR. EMTs also gave the FF the drug hydroxocobalamin, which combats the effects of cyanide poisoning that can result from smoke inhalation. A total of 3 Firefighters, 2 serious, were injured due to this incident. FF Kevin Paulicelli from E-90, rotator from L-151, was the Red tag but thankfully was discharged from Jacobi Hospital today at Noon. We wish him a speedy recovery along with the other two members. God Bless our Firefighters!
It was actually a paramedic lieutenant assigned to BITS who was in the area that ended up giving the cyano kit.