Mayor Adams to cut all NYC agencies by 5%

Aug 16, 2008
You’ve been talking about closing companies and cuts for years. Almost like you want it to happen and can’t wait to be proven right.
I work EMS, I only state what I hear nothing more nothing less. I don’t want it to happen, it makes my job harder. I will say nothing more about it.
Jun 27, 2017
In the end, it probably doesn't make any difference who says what. The NY State budget has a ticking time bomb known as Medicaid. When that blows up, the state won't be able to help anybody.

Based on compound population growth data, the rating firm moveBuddha predicts that the largest US city in the year 2100 (77 years from now) will be...... Dallas. NYC will be number five....behind Houston, Austin, and Phoenix. LA will be number seven.
May 16, 2008
The FD rumor is that the Bureau of Training will bare the brunt of the first 5% which comes in November. That likely means almost all training other than mandated items. PFS not effected.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas continues to assure us that the border is secure. Don't fall for "misinformation".