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Mar 1, 2007
Hey guys,

I just went through about 50 new member requests from the past couple of months, about a third of which were spam. Looks like the spamming attacks are backing off for the time being. That said, if you were waiting for your membership to be approved, we apologize for the wait. We have to actually take the time to vet each entry to prevent a malware or spamming episode, which are a real pain in the ass. We appreciate your patience. If you happen to still be waiting, it might be because a required field was incomplete or inadequate. For example, if you just entered your first name or some obviously made up one, you may still be in limbo if you haven't received a rejection. In our continuing efforts to make this site an enjoyable one, we need to keep out the spam (and honestly, the occasional nut job).

So if you're one of the 30 or so new members- welcome! There aren't many of these type message boards around anymore and we're a pretty tight group so enjoy it!

Mike M
Sep 4, 2020
Thank you for the opportunity to join this great group. I have enjoyed reading the posts daily for a number of years and have learned a lot about FDNY and its members. My dad was a LT in Pawtucket, RI, retiring in 1983 from L-2 after 37 years, a truck company he began his career on. My nephew is a LT in the Providence, RI, assigned to Tower 1.
Oct 31, 2020
Thank You for the honor to be apart of this group. I have been bitten by the FDNY bug. My friend Warren Fuchs invited me and some friends to NYC last October. We got to go to Rescue 5's quarters then over to marine company 9. Also to fire history museum it was an unbelievable experience I would love to go back sometime and see more. I started out in the fire service when I was 14 as a jr firefighter in my local volunteer house. I am currently a lieutenant of our engine company. Thanks again for the opportunity to join
Apr 23, 2018
Welcome friends, this is a very unique site, well ran, informative and very active. You'll find in depth information of FDNY that would be hard to find anywhere else and enlightening discussions...Jump in and join the fun!
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Oct 26, 2007
Welcome to the site! There are many great friendships that have been born because of this site. Must reading includes Johnny Gage's "Gory Days" and Glory Days post, and the History post including the War Years. There is one character on this site, nfd2004, that insist pizza from Connecticut is the best!:LOL:
Aug 11, 2020
Thank you for allowing me to join your group, I've been in this group for a while but never posted until today. Let me introduce myself, I'm a NYC press photographer. I do cover the FDNY a bit mainly in the Bronx and Manhattan. I have grown fond the men and women of the fire department, the courage it takes to do your job for our city. Thank you Steve.
May 24, 2020
Richard T (RTH), Aux FF with Engine 283 during the war years on Bristol St. Former FAD in Brooklyn, again during the war years. Left to become a Police Officer with the Port Authority Of NY & NJ. Retired in 1997. Moved to Wake Forest NC and became a Police Officer from 1998 - 2007, retired as a Lieutenant.

My son Thomas and me traveled from NC to the WTC on 9/12/2001 to assist in anyway we could. We assisted with the Port Authority Police Command. We spent a week there. It was so sad that all those Fire Fighters, Police Officers, EMS and others were killed. The Port Authority lost 37 Officers and 17 of them were close friends of mine. May they all RIP.

Thomas was a volunteer FF with Wake Forest Fire Department. They received a run for a smoke detector activation on Christmas Day (12/25/2002). Their rig was involved in a roll over accident and he sustained serious injuries (requiring 7 operations) which prevented him from becoming a New York City Firefighter (his dream job). He was an active buff when we lived in NJ, traveling with me to Brooklyn to Buff. He still has pain from those injuries, 19 years later.

We did travel to Engine 248 and Batt 41 when I had time off. Great times, great memories .

Now fully retired and living in Port St Lucie Florida.

I know a lot of members on this site, but not many know me as RTH711.

Thank you all very much for keeping this site running. I enjoy being informed and seeing the way things have changed in the FD.

Regards to all

Stay healthy and safe
Jun 22, 2007
Thank you very much Richard T., aka "RTH711", for telling us your story. You can certainly be very proud of your contributions to our society and for the job you have done. Both you and your son Thomas, are certainly WELCOMED to this site.

I hope that other new members will also post about themselves, just as you have done.

Thank you.

Bill Dennis, aka Willy D (NFD2004)