New Members Brief

Apr 5, 2024
Hey guys,

I just went through about 50 new member requests from the past couple of months, about a third of which were spam. Looks like the spamming attacks are backing off for the time being. That said, if you were waiting for your membership to be approved, we apologize for the wait. We have to actually take the time to vet each entry to prevent a malware or spamming episode, which are a real pain in the ass. We appreciate your patience. If you happen to still be waiting, it might be because a required field was incomplete or inadequate. For example, if you just entered your first name or some obviously made up one, you may still be in limbo if you haven't received a rejection. In our continuing efforts to make this site an enjoyable one, we need to keep out the spam (and honestly, the occasional nut job).

So if you're one of the 30 or so new members- welcome! There aren't many of these type message boards around anymore and we're a pretty tight group so enjoy it!

Mike M
Thanks for the add