Recorded Audio

Jun 22, 2007
lad72der said:
e203BCVFD said:
I have audio CD's of some chaotic moments in FDNY history.... blackouts, the Strike of 1973, 4th of July 1988, etc. Any chance some of that could get on here also?
I would love to hear the strike and blackout audio. Any chance that can be posted?

  I purchased an audio CD years ago on the Blackout '77 from FSP in Hudson Mass. . I don't know if he still has them. But FSP is owned by a FDNY buff who has been very good to the fire department. Recently he offered Boston Memorial T-shirts for sale with all profits going to the Memorial Fund. He did the same for a Worcester, Mass Memorial Fund in December, 1999.

  I think I paid like $12.00 for it at the time and it featured the recently retired FDNY Dispatcher George Munch, Dispatcher 102, I think 247 at the time. The action is non stop.
Apr 4, 2010
If anybody can post the strike audio from 73 or the two parts of July 4 th that were on HFD it would be much appreciated. None of the old FDNY audio is on there site . I'm pissed for not downloading it when it was there
Sep 2, 2013
Another option for you would be to purchase a membership to broadcastify....It's not that much, and you can access archives up to the prior 6 months.  You would have to know the date of the incident, but with that, you can find the rest.  They have all the boroughs, citywide fire, EMS citywide, NYPD ESU and others...I like listening to all of the different aspects of the call, not just fire.  You can download the clips and merge them together to listen to the whole incident.  Be sure to give broadcastify credit if post anything to the internet, as it is shared under a user agreement......