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    FDNY field testing new turnout gear

    Noticed in a few pictures that some FFs have on globe looking gear. I'm guessing it's a field test being done by the department during a contract bid Photo credits to the photographer and firstonscene
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    Side zip turnout pants?

    I have no idea how I noticed this but the FF from R-3 has side zip up bunkers pants similar to the ones worn by FDNY EMS members. Never seen this on the fire side, is this a prototype the department is trying out or did he just get it modified? Credits are in the photo
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    FDNY 55 truck Aerial hits FF in the head on a portable A little after the 5 min mark (believe its 5:15) a FF on the portable gets a nice blow to the head by 55 trucks aerial. Best part is there is a chief...
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    2/14/14 All-Hands Bronx Box 3152

    Address: 64 Buchanan PL Fire in the basement of private dwelling Batt. 19: 10-75 for fire in a basement 20:50 Batt: 19 Reports visible fire is K/D 20:51 Batt: 19 All Hands operating at box 3152 20:55 Batt: 19 Fire has been extinguished, return all special units 20:56 Batt: 19 PWH
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    Oceanic VFD S.I. (Ex-FDNY rig)

    Buddy of mine showed me this thought I'd share it. City donated and/or sold them this rig pretty much unstripped. Credits of the photo are there, pic from
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    2/9/14 All-Hands Bronx Box 2172

    600 E. 141st Fire on the 3rd Fl of a 5 story non fire proof multiple dwelling, fire blowing out the windows. 29 truck made a grab with the aerial, person hanging out the window Div. 6 reports EDP at the top of the aerial not coming down 23:54 Div. 6 reports primary and secondary searches are...
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    Squad 61's new rig

    Saw them today so I thought Id post the pics, sorry in advance I was driving so I had my friend take the pics. New squads look pretty nice, also saw them on a run tonight
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    List for rig replacement?

    Hey, does anyone know which companies are due for new rigs? 89 Engine members are training with the new rigs so Im guessing it will be in soon, idk when but I'm curious to see what other companies are due for them since that judge ordered no rigs after 10yrs to be in frontline service (except...
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    1/22/14 All Hands Bronx Box 3264

    Fire in a 3 story private dwelling 10-75 by Batt. 20 Eng. 89 4th due Engine Sqd. 61 unavailable Sqd. 288 assigned Batt. 18 10-75 chief 20 Batt. Requesting additional truck (L-61) Div. 7 Primary searches complete and negative. PWH Sq. 288 turned around Div. 7 Secondary searches complete and...
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    1/17/14 3rd Alarm Bronx Box 4110

    Taken by myself FDNY 6012
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    1/17/14 3rd Alarm Bronx Box 4110

    10-75 transmitted for a boiler fire in a school (Monsignor Scanlan Hs) Batt 20 reports 2 lines stretched 1 line in use
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    Dodge/Ferrara Something

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    Dodge/Ferrara Something

    Taken at Ft. Totten yesterday. It's parked at the SOC/SCUBA units building.
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    ladder 50 relocation to ladder 53

    Negative. Like said before L-53 is staffed when there is a surplus of guys. But when there isn't extras then they are closed for the 6X.
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    New and improved FDNY gloves

    I heard that new gloves are going to be issued all FF's and are alot better than the old ones. Did anyone else hear this? I think it would be good considering the ones issued now suck. My pair always stiffens up and has terrible grip, its like your wearing oven mitts.