Aug 8, 2009
43 Battalion used to ride with BC's Dalmatian "Rex". Early 1970s.


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Apr 23, 2018
I remember back in the late 80’s, and into the 90’s, E 218 had a dog I believe his name was Wolfe. This guy made all the runs 24/7, and they were and active company. I remember seeing him at jobs guarding the rig until the co. took up. That was one tough dog, it was enough to wear out the strongest.
I recall running with Wolfe, he patrolled the area at fire scenes. Once he got lost, an all points bullitin was sent out to all firehouses and Wolfe was found miles away in downtown Brooklyn by a fire company and returned. Many firehouses had mascots. At L 38 we had a beautiful cat. At L 31 we had two dogs. But the reality is firehouse life for pets is probably not a good life. Too many different personalities and heavy equipment moving back and forth.

One quick funny note: At L 112 we opened the firehouse door early summer morning and like a bolt of lightening a white chihuaha ran into the firehouse. We have no idea where he came from, but he wanted to hang with us. We fed him, picked up his poop and decided to make him a "Toy Dalmation" using a few light smudges of black shoe polish. Later that afternoon, just as he arrived, he peeled out of the firehouse to wherever he lived. Our "No Frills" Toy Dalmation for a day.


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Jun 22, 2007
I remember we had a young stray Dalmatian that somebody brought to the firehouse, hoping that we would take it in.

So we did and we also had a story put into our local newspaper looking for the owner of that lost dog. Meanwhile we took care of it feeding it and taking the dog for his poo poo and pee pee walks.

But after about two weeks, nobody claimed the dog. So we asked the Chief if we could keep it and he said; "Okay, but he stays in the firehouse". Some of us were disappointed that he couldn't ride the rig, but at least we were able to keep him.

Next we follow up with a "name that dog contest". Most of us decide to chip in for a prize going to the winner. It was a $100 U.S. Savings Bond as I remember. Again we go to the local newspaper with the story to name that dog.

The names come in and we have plenty of letters to review.
As I remember, we got the senior citizens involved in picking the best name for our new firehouse dog.

The name is chosen. Our dog is named "Nero" and it has something to do with the burning of Rome.

Things go along pretty good but the problem is, "we are not always in the firehouse to feed the dog, give it water, or take it for it's needed walks".

As Mr Gage mentions in his comment, "reality is, firehouse life for pets is probably not a good life".

After a few months, we learned that and decided to put Nero up for adaption.
A family adapted him and they would stop by to say hello and bring Nero with them to visit us.
They had a couple of kids and they were very happy that they had gotten this very famous Firehouse Dog, named "Nero".

So as it turned out, everybody was happy.
We were happy
That family and kids were happy
But MOST IMPORTANTLY, "Nero" was happy.


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Jul 14, 2007
In my years at E 248, we "adopted" a cat and named her "Probie". She was found in front of quarters hiding from a rainstorm under a member's car. We were always fearful she would get hit by the engine or the chief's car. One day she was found to be pregnant and that was the end of her time in the firehouse.