New FDNY Tillers

Apr 13, 2012
ok didn't know that about the streets in great kills I figured those streets like forest green , Dover green in that area would pose a problem
True about those developments. They are kind of tight. However the most tight/narrow development down there I think is Aspen Knolls. (The old Navy development?). I’m still in awe at how some of those houses tucked in could be laddered by apparatus if need be. And to top it off, first due truck is a TL. Has to be tough getting in and out.


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Feb 22, 2017
Yes, they had 2 of the 4 - 110' heavy duty rearmounts.
Yes 38 had one of the 110 footers and it was a pain in da rear quarters to get it in outa quarters. The front end of the aerial was high enough that when backing in or pulling out to the left the aerial would go over the fence on top of the wall across the street from quarters by the nursing home. Also, it was a pain and slow as hell to set up. It also had a constant problem with hydraulic leaks under the turntable. If you notice today the rearmounts have angled rear steps which have ladders to get up to da turntable. Back then the back step would hit the side of the door when pulling out causing damage to the corners of the tailboard. The members decided to cut the corners on an angle and weld on a piece of diamond plate to alleviate this problem. A little while after that a Seagrave rep was in quarters to show off the rig to another department and wondered, very loudly if I remember right, what was done to the rig. Shortly after all da new rearmounts had these angled steps.
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May 6, 2010
Back when 151 was informed they were going to loose their Tiller the CPT started to lobby with the local Community Board as well as the local politicians....he was immediately told by HQ that if he persisted it would not be his issue anymore as he would no longer be the CPT of 151.


Jul 11, 2022
Does anyone know, in roughly 2001 who came out of tillers besides 151 and 173? I'm curious about something.