News of Members

Jun 27, 2007
Once again, another one of our members has appeared on the Gettin' Salty Podcast.
He joins several other members here who have also made a personnel appearance as well, including:
"johnnygage", "Lt Q", "69METS", "jkal", "3511", and "Disp120".

The most recent member being "Captain784", who was recently featured in the Gettin Salty Podcast Ep -141

A quick "thank you" to member "twoteamtease" also for mentioning about "Captain784" being a guest on that podcast in another topic here.
Not an appearance but on the show with CFD BC Mitch Crooker that is my picture of Engine Company 77 @ work.
Jun 22, 2007
It is with deep sorrow that I inform our membership of the passing of member "Johnd248's" wife.
Both Johnd248 and his wife Michelle, were happily married for many, many years, going back to my first meeting him while we were members of a volunteer fire department in Connecticut in the early to mid 1970s.

"Johnd248" and his wife Michelle would often win dancing contest and together they often traveled giving much enjoyment to so many as they watched.

Of course for those of us who knew him through that fire department, we sure enjoyed Johnd248's stories about growing up in Brooklyn and being a part of the very busy FDNY Engine 248.

Our sincere condolences to Johnd248 on the loss of his long time wife, Michelle


Staff member
Apr 24, 2007
John, on behalf of the members and the staff of this site I offer my deepest condolences to you and your family.
Its times like this when you need friends, we are here for you, just reach out to us to give you support
during the coming weeks.
Prayers to you & your family.
May your wife rest in peace forever.
Remember, what we lost here on earth today is heaven's gain.