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Jun 22, 2007
Congrats to Willy, I understand he found his new buffmobile!
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THANK YOU JohnnyGage for this EXCELLENT PHOTO of the New Willy D BUFFMOBILE.

Of course you Mr Gage are Always Invited to hang out with me at my favorite Micky D's in the Bronx, and you can Ride The Back Step if you want while we chase the action in the neighborhood.

I would also like to pass on to you that I have heard from a few guys who bought the book, "They Saved New York".
The one that you and Glen have produced.
Guys that heard about it, who were NOT really Buffs.
But they bought it and they told me how much they enjoy it.

Oh one more thing.
If you know the location of that Famous Micky D's in the Bronx, "you too are invited to join myself and Johnny chasing the action as it happens - when it happens.
If you ARE interested in riding with us but DON'T KNOW the location of that Famous Micky D's in the Bronx, you might want to check out the topic in the HISTORY SECTION on this site titled:
"My Younger Buff Years"
Includes many stories and comments from members who either were a part of it, or buffed it during those very busy FDNY times, as well as that FAMOUS Micky D's Bronx Location.


Willy D, "NFD2004"
Jun 22, 2007

Thank you Chief 68jk09.

You haven't forgotten of that famous U.S. Letter Carrier who had his picture on an 8 cent U.S. Postage Stamp way back in April, 1973.
Actually a wanna be career firefighter way back then.

Interesting how quickly the time goes by.
Because that former U.S. Letter Carrier, turned firefighter/FDNY buff too, will celebrate his 20th retirement anniversary this coming January 1st., 2024 from the fire department.

Of course like most retired firefighters he still wishes he could climb up into that big fire truck
But not only is it almost impossible for him to do that these days
But he sure can't get out of it and try to be a firefighter doing what they do best - fighting fires.

However, this e-bay offer is something that I sure want to look into.
It represents a guy who wore Two Hats
One as a U.S. Letter Carrier and the other as a Firefighter.

It will look great hanging on his living room wall
Jun 22, 2007
I would also like to congratulate you (Lebby) and the Mrs as well.

Many HAPPY and HEALTHY Years together.
Apr 1, 2007
May you and your spouse have more happy years together than my wife and I have had . . . it was 56 years last September.